Emergency Dental Services In Daly City, CA Daly City, CA

Toothache, clinically labeled as odontalgy or odontalgia is an intense discomfort related with an afflicted tooth in pain and the area around it. Toothache generally happens because of the bad dental condition and can be tormenting enough to make a person’s life go in disarray. Eating junk food items, improper brushing techniques, mental stress and using bad quality tooth paste results in such a problem. Other problems like dental cavity exposed tooth nerve or root endings in the pulp, dental abscess and cracked tooth etc. can also lead to toothache. It may also be caused y periodontal gum disease like swelling of soft tissues, abnormal bone loss near teeth, disorders of temporomandibular joint which is the jaw joint. A paining tooth becomes highly sensitive to heat or cold and pains all the more when one chews.

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